Free Political Prisoner Reverend Pinkney

Free Political Prisoner Reverend Pinkney
Joe Calhoun 2.20.2015


Stop the ethnic cleansing of Benton Harbor and Detroit, Michigan

By all accounts the United States is guilty of violations of civil and human rights in the state of Michigan by the human anguish created by depraving poor communities access to water and the fear and persecution of the public by imprisoning a Black activist leader for petitioning for the recall of a corrupt corporate appointed mayor. It's a process of ETHNIC CLEANSING.

The violations were so egregious that the United Nations sent two Special Rapportuers to Michigan to report on these violations.

Press and human rights organizations need to give this urgent attention and report on the court final rulings regarding the imprisonment of Reverend Pinkney on February 27, 2015, who by rights should be designated as a political prisoner as defined by United Nations resolutions.

MEDIA ALERT: Immediate attention to cover the Corporate State takeover of direct democracy in a largely Black community in Benton Harbor, Michigan as well as the human rights violations of water shut off to the impoverished community of Detroit. Wall Street’s Whirlpool Corporation together with the Republican Party has chosen Black History month to finalize the political lynching of activist Reverend Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor who was by an all white jury:

February 27, 2015 at 1:00pm at the Berrien County Court House in St. Joseph, Michigan

Reverend Pinkney's Statement from Prison

My case represents a direct attack on democracy. This is an issue around the world, and especially here in the U.S. It shows what the corporate power structure will do.

This struggle is really because of the economy. We must find a solution. We can no longer allow a society that cannot feed, clothe and house people. That society must be overturned.

We have to show them we are not willing to lay down and let them walk all over us. This is why I don’t mind being in the prison system. I don’t mind even this horrible food. I don’t mind that I came up here in a cold bus, shackled; it took two days. I don’t mind because I know we are going to win in the end. I know this because the poorest workers stood up in my trial. They told the truth and were not intimidated by the sheriff and prosecutor. It was so profound. It gives me hope. All this is not for nothing. All this is just the beginning of something bigger than Rev. Pinkney.

Pending Motions for Berrien County Court St. Joseph, MI on Friday February 27, 2015:

1. Pinkney's Motion for New Trial (tainted jury)

2. Pinkney's Motion for Directed Verdict (insufficient evidence)

3. Motion for Bond Pending Appeal of Sentence

4. Re-sentencing Motion to Correct an Invalid Sentence

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In Detroit, city-backed water shut-offs ‘contrary to human rights,’ say UN experts

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